Quadra Island's Ancient Clam Gardens

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Friday, February 7th, 2014

On Friday evening, February 7, from 7 pm – 9 pm, Professor Dana Lepofsky of Simon Fraser University will share the little known story of the clam gardens on our coast and the research work taking place. The talk will address how early First Nations people managed to enhance the growth of shellfish in order to secure their food and livelihoods.

Long before European explorers arrived on the Canadian West Coast, First Nation’s people had been sustaining their growing populations for thousands of years. Securing reliable food sources was a key component of survival.  Alongside hunting, fishing and plant gathering, the ability to cultivate seafood was an essential knowledge.  The remains of Quadra Island’s forgotten clam gardens are a testament to early people’s ingenuity.

Dr. Lepofsky is Professor at the School of Archaeology at Simon Fraser University and a founding member of the coast-wide Clam Garden Network. She has published dozens of papers on the effects of human interaction with their environment and has supervised a great number of students.  Her talk is presented at the Museum in partnership with the Discovery Passage Aquarium and the Nuyumbalees Society.  Entrance is by donation.