Puppet Theatre Returns!

Our Hours:

Summer (May 18 - Sept 30)
Daily : 10am - 5pm

Winter (Oct. 1 - May 17)
Tuesday - Sunday : 12pm - 5pm

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Puppet Theatre is back by popular demand!

33 years strong, this is Campbell River's longest running and most awesome puppet theatre program EVER!

Admission remains at 1995 pricing, at $2 per person, and each play is followed by a fun craft.  Make sure to get a stamp in your "Puppet Passport" for a chance to win a prize at the end of the season!

Puppet shows start July 2, and are Tuesdays and Thursdays until August 29 at 10:30am and 1:30pm.


Charis, Bethany and Carlton will be your guides into the magical world of puppetry, and they tell you about Campbell River's past in this format that has been entertaining children for over three decades.

Be sure to follow the puppets on Instagram and Facebook @crmuseumpuppets to see all of their crazy antics and get updates about upcoming shows and special events!

Check out our schedule for the 10:30 & 1:30 shows this summer!

August 6 – Logging Camp Mystery & Peter Puget

August 8 - Skookum Sam & Skookum Sal

August 13 – Fred Nunns Goes to Comox & Fred Nunns Willows

August 15 – Schnnarly Dudettes & A Pig’s Tale

August 20 – Peter Puget & Race for the Falls

August 22 – Explorers (Fishing Adventure) & The Two Myras

August 27 – Ripple Rock & Roderick Haig-Brown Learns to Like Cows

August 29 – How the Torii Gate Got to Campbell River & Menzies Plants 


Want to know what the plays are about? Here are some summaries!

Logging Camp Mystery

Jack and Charlie try to figure out who has been stealing all the beans from their logging camp. Was it a ghost? A bear? A squirrel?!

Peter Puget

Captain Vancouver stubbornly refuses to listen to his officer, Peter Puget’s, advice and almost loses his ship as a result. Will the mischievous tide sink the HMS Discovery? Or will the Peter save the day?

Skookum Sal

Skookum Sal wants to compete in log burling at Logger Sports. When the competition gets fierce, will our young heroine be able to hold her own?

Skookum Sam

Sam goes out for a day of work, but his boss tells him he’ll be replaced by a machine. Feeling challenged, Sam goes to fell the biggest tree and climbs it despite the brewing storm.

Fred Nunns Lost

When Fred Nunns gets lost in the forest without his trusty compass, he must ask the local animals to help him find his way back home. Will he ever make it home? What will his horse Kate think?

Fred Nunns Goes to Comox

In the summer of 1888, Fred Nunns canoes to Comox to hire a carpenter and meets Kate the horse along the way. But, when Kate refuses to cooperate things start to get dangerous.

Schnarrly Dudettes

Pansy and Marion Schnarr are going through their daily chores while their pet cougar, Leo, has dinner plans for their pig, Clarice. Will someone notice before it’s too late?

A Pig’s Tale

George “By-Gosh” Stafford milks a whale to feed his prize piglet, Heloise. As Heloise gets bigger, she must defend herself against a hungry bear.

Menzies Plants

When the crew of HMS Discovery gets sick, it’s up to Archibald Menzies to use plants to save the day. He gets help from a fellow sailor and a very nice bear.

Race for the Falls

Mike King and his trusty lawyer, Claude Harrison, race against George Ainsworth Barett to stake Elk Falls. Who will win?

Explorers (Fishing Adventure)

John leaves England to become the best fisherman in the world. He befriends Reg and a bear in Campbell River, and together they fish.

The Two Myras

Myra Ellison and Myra Cliffe both believe that Myra Mountain and Myra Falls are named after them. After they each tell their stories with the help of their friends, will they come to some agreement?

Ripple Rock

The troublesome Ripple Rock has been gobbling up ships in Seymour Narrows for far too long. An explosion of epic proportions is planned with the help of Clammy the clam to bring peace back to the sea.

Roderick Haig-Brown Learns to Love Cows

Roderick Haig-Brown moves to his new home in Campbell River, but there’s a problem – he has to milk Reg Pidcock’s herd of cows! Will Roderick be able to overcome this obstacle and tame the scariest cow of them all?

How the Torii Gate Got to Campbell River

Torii gets ready for the big move to Campbell River. An evil octopus is doing everything he can to stop Torii from leaving Ishikari – will Torii and her friend Emi be able to stop him?