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Saturday, December 27th, 2014

On Saturday, December 27, the Museum’s fabulous student puppeteers are returning for a special Christmas encore!  At 1 pm and then again at 3 pm, the students will present the puppet play ‘The Wreck of the Northwestern’.  This play is based on the experience of Albert Bigold, a true resident of Quadra who narrates the story.  

According to Bigold, “I was there when the steamship Northwestern ran aground.  That was December 15, 1927, and I was seven years old.  I remember it well, because our family farm was perfectly situated where we could get a bird’s eye view of the entire event, and while some folks might think it was a tragic event, for us it was an answer to a prayer. So the SS Northwestern, an American vessel, was on its way up from Seattle to Alaska, and was attempting to head into the passage between us and Vancouver Island when trouble began.  The captain of the Northwestern had been following the Union Steamship SS Chelohsin since Vancouver, but as he approached Quadra Island, he lost sight of the Chelohsin’s light as it veered right to head towards Cortes, and the Northwestern ran smack into the rocks at a point fondly known as ‘The Hump’.

So that is how we came to have an exceptionally nice Christmas that year, filled with the bounty that we all come to associate with the Yuletide season.  And I’m talking about a bounty!  There were crates of fresh oranges, just bobbing around in the waves, and bananas, and turkeys and ham and flour.  My older sister and I had a whale of a time running to the beach and back with all our treasures.  It wasn’t gold, but it was good as gold.   The next morning, another American ship, the SS Alameda, picked up the Alaska bound passengers from the Northwestern, so it turned out that in the end, they had their Christmas too.  And no one drowned!”


The cost for the puppet play is a $2.00 donation.  Merry Christmas everyone!!