The History and Art of Knot Tying

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Saturday, February 15th, 2020

For over 50 years Ruedi Pletscher has been fascinated by the art of knot tying and the stories behind it.  A retired aircraft maintenance engineer and college instructor, he has had a keen interest in rigging and the arts of sailors, and has been tying knots as a hobby for over 50 years. Several of his works are exhibited in various museums.   Ruedi loves to share his passion for knot tying with others, both as an art form and for the many practical uses.  “People tie knots to work their brains and fight off Alzheimers, or to tow a vehicle out of a ditch.  It really has countless applications,” explains Pletscher.


The Museum at Campbell River is partnering with Ruedi to hold a series of workshops exploring the art and history of knots.


The first workshop on February 15 will cover the basics, including learning about the materials to use, common terminology and tools, the concepts of double knots (plies) and some basic knot combinations.


The second workshop on February 22 will cover terminal knots.  This will include using multiple strands, the deconstruction of ropes, rose knots, star knots and the wall and crown.  Ruedi will delve into the origins of these techniques.


The third workshop on February 29 will be about Turkish heads.  Turkish heads are a large knot group, and this section explores the possibilities of raising the basic knot to a large number of bights and strands.


Ruedi suggests participants can come to the workshops with a project in mind.  “Some people may want to make something beautiful, and others will want to figure out how to solve a problem in their day to day lives.”  For this reason, and to ensure everyone gets the most from the experience, the workshops will be for very small groups.  Participants can take any or all of the workshops, they do not have to take the introductory session to attend the other sessions.


The fee for each workshop is $15, and they will run from 2-4pm.  Registration is through the Museum at Campbell River, in person or by calling 250-287-3103.