Help Us Build A Lego Reef!

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Saturday, June 27th, 2015

In celebration of the current Museum exhibit ‘Discover the Passage’, on Saturday June 27 from 1-2:30pm, we are going to have the theme of the Lego Day be a ‘Reef’.  What kind of underwater animals and plants can you imagine living on an underwater reef? What do they look like?  As an added bonus for this Lego Day, the Discovery Passage Aquarium will be at the Museum with a travelling touch tank with stars, crabs, anemones, urchins and other underwater life!  Let’s put our imaginations to work and see what we can build. Imaginary animals alongside real animals are always welcome at Lego Days. And there will be a prize - that’s right, a prize!  One of the prizes will be a day pass to the Aquarium!  Parents are welcome to join in and co-create alongside the kids.  Cost for Lego Day is $5.00. Parents are free. Call the Museum at 287-3103 to register.