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Established in 1967, the Museum Shop features authentic works of aboriginal art from Pacific Northwest coast native artists, including ceremonial masks, rattles, boxes, jewellery, feast dishes, baskets and coppers. We also carry an excellent selection of regional books and locally crafted gift items. 

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The stunning Mark Henderson painting behind the Museum Reception Desk is for sale.  Find out more here.

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Carved Gold and Silver Jewellery

Carved Silver BraceletBracelets, wedding rings and pendants are of the finest craftsmanship and display the many native crests of the coastal peoples. The Museum Shop stocks both gold and silver as well as working through select artists for special order pieces. Click on image to enlarge.


Silkscreen Prints

Traditionally, paintings embellished many items in the North West Coast Indian household. The colours most favoured were red and black, although blue-green and yellow were also used. Some of the purest elements in the design history of the First Nations people of British Columbia can be found in today's screen prints.


Drums and Rattles

Unique to our shop are drums made by a local drum maker who is involved in shamanism and healing ceremonies. His drums are one of a kind, hand tanned and stretched and painted using ancestral motifs.

Rattles appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are often carved and painted. A raven rattle carved in the shape of the bird generally indicates a chiefly or high-ranking figure. The sounds of rattles are both calming and magical.


Grass and Bark Baskets

Woven Grass and Bark BasketsBasketry is an art form that has been almost lost to the changing times and technology. Today, elders are working with their communities rediscovering the techniques of this ancient craft. The Museum Shop is very fortunate to be in contact with some of these artists who are often working in isolation from mainstream markets. Click on image to enlarge.


Masks and Wooden Carvings

Supernatural sky creatures such as the Thunderbird, Raven and Eagle, that dominate the mythology and iconography of the native peoples of Vancouver Island are often seen depicted on Masks and Totem Poles. The Museum Shop has a changing selection of wooden items including, masks, coppers, feast dishes, rattles, hair combs and whistles.


Bentwood Boxes

One of the outstanding inventions of the North West Coast craftsman was the one pieced kerfed box.  Making these requires considerable practice before the craftsman becomes expert.  Our Shop profiles a highly accomplished box maker and artisan from Alert Bay, BC. Both retail and special order boxes are available.


Our Artists:

Gilbert Pat - First Nations Jeweller

A member of the coast Salish band, Chawathl, Gilbert Pat is an extremely gifted and self taught First Nation’s jeweller from British Columbia Read More


First Nations art and history books:

  • Cedar
  • Indian Fishing
  • Stone, Bone, Antler and Shell
  • Indian Myths and Legends of the North Pacific
  • Raven Steals the Light
  • Down From the Shimmering Sky
  • West Coast Fossils
  • The Legacy