Floathouse Living


Floathouse Living

The floathouse represents a lifestyle that evolved on the British Columbia coast a hundred years ago. It was an answer to economic necessity and the rugged terrain that defied road construction.

Floathouses provided a portable home base that could be moved from one working location to another. On a coast where mountains tend to drop abruptly into the sea, these dwellings did not require a level building site; although the daily rise and fall of the tides presented their own challenges.

Floathouse LivingThe 1920's era floathouse is a small shake-covered building which sits on a log raft. Its one room interior is furnished in the spare and inventive manner with which people met the hardships of the day.

This exhibit complements both our logging and commercial fishing exhibits. It portrays a woman's perspective and a family's lifestyle that depended on the seasonal industries and meant relocating as necessary.

The floathouse is a lifesize reconstruction, which conveys a strong sense of reality. Visitors stepping onto the float actually believe they feel it moving.

"I wouldn't give up that life. That was an experience I don't think I'd walk into again but I wouldn't give it up. It brought out strengths in me that I didn't know I had."
Betty Landers